Bitcoin Up Review: It is Legit or Scam Robot? Find out now!

Bitcoin UP is an automated online trading platform that performs bitcoin trading on behalf of its users. It’s a computer program that analyzes the price movements of the bitcoin and buys and sells the coin on behalf of its members. This computer robot uses artificial intelligence to quickly take a decision and complete the transaction before anyone can react to the market developments. It’s not at all difficult to operate Bitcoin Up even if you are not conversant either with the bitcoin trading or operating Bitcoin Up program. It does not require extensive knowledge of trading or computing to be able to operate the software and make profit. It’s highly user-friendly and all you need to do is follow the instructions. Because users don’t need any special skill to operate this software for trading, it’s very popular among its users, whose number is growing by the day.

What users claim about it?

Many users have given excellent reviews about Bitcoin Up. They claim they have earned 300% daily on their investment. They also claim that it has made 10% of its users join bitcoin millionaire club.

In this article we are going to present an unbiased review of Bitcoin UP. We will examine if it is legit or a scam. We will also try to simplify everything associated with it for the beginners.

Key facts

The minimum investment for you to begin trading through this platform is $250. But the great news is that it allows its users to earn many times more than the investment, sometimes running into thousands of dollars.

You don’t need to have any special trading or bitcoin knowledge, skills, or expertise to trade on this platform. All you need to do is open an account on Bitcoin Up by registering yourself, watch the preliminary instructions in a video tutorial, and start trading.

What makes Bitcoin Up so efficient in booking profit for you is the power of artificial intelligence (AI) on which it works. Most of the reputed bot-based trading platforms use AI for a quick study of the price movements and secure a transaction within a fraction of second.

When you use Bitcoin UP, you are trading bitcoin with respect to other cryptocurrencies and fiat money. What’s great is you don’t buy, hold and sell bitcoins physically. You trade on the volatility of the bitcoin prices. Volatility trading is often marked with high returns and high risks. But when you trade through Bitcoin Up, the risks are minimal because it is programmed to look for and secure the most profitable transaction. So, you get the best of volatility trading in bitcoin.

While this trading robot does the trading independently based on its AI features, there is a group of brokers who manage the business professionally and under due regulations.

Their involvement is limited to execution of the order, making provisions for trading conditions, and making the transactions smooth and reliable.

The cyber safety of Bitcoin Up is top-notch, thanks to 128-bit encryption. Users are assured of top quality security and protection of their personal information, transaction details and history, and other types of data on this trading software.

Bitcoin Up offers potentials to book huge and impressive profits but like all investments, it is not entirely risk free. It is advised that you should take trading in bitcoin as such. Trade with small sums and the money that you can afford to lose.

What is Bitcoin Up?

Trading and investment is an easy and highly remunerative business. Till recently, all trading and investment decisions were taken by individuals which took long time and there were enough risks in those decisions as well. Now is the time of automation and much of the financial markets are already using it for improved efficiency.

But the idea of Bitcoin Up is one step further up. It automates the trading decision itself, which means it is an auto-trading robot that does not need any human decision-making or intervention. It tries to optimize the profit by not choosing less profitable or risky investment options. 

Auto-trading is not a new industry altogether. It has been around for quite a whgiile. For example, the money that these robots are managing in the US has crossed a trillion dollar mark and is expected to cross $5 trillion mark by 2022. And the market of auto-trading is increasingly seeing the presence of big corporations such as Accenture and Betterment. The world’s most important hedge funds are not taking the help of trading robots to minimize risks and maximize profits. Some of these trading software are making millions of dollars of profit in a very short period of time.

Bitcoin Up offers automated trading opportunities only in bitcoin. It uses a derivative called Contract for Difference (CFD) for its bet on BTC. CFD is a trading option in which the trader is allowed to make profit on the price movements of an asset, without physically holding it.

This trading software offers bitcoin CFD trading in more than 45 currency pairs such as BTC/ETH, BTC/USD, BTC/BCH, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.

How Bitcoin Up works?

Bitcoin Up is trading software that carries out automatic trading on behalf of the users. How it does this seemingly difficult task with the involvement of human intelligence is interesting. It connects to the market through a group of select brokers. It keeps a continuous watch on the market and analyzes the price moments for every fraction of second. Once it identifies a profitable deal, it intimates the information to the brokers who execute the transaction. While it may seem the brokers have a significant role in the trading activity, in reality they are used just for the technicalities. The robot identifies profitable opportunities and executes the transactions. It only uses the office of the broker because the market or the regulator will not recognize the trading robot. So all the orders that robot places are instantly executed. Even a delay of one second can change the prices and consequent profits.

How to open your Bitcoin Up account?

While you can start trading instantly, you need to define how much risk you are ready to take on a particular trade. Once you have done this, you are live in the market and your robot will be taking the decisions on your behalf based on the risk parameter you have outlined.

You will get a 12-page instruction manual and a video tutorial to understand the technicalities in defining your risks and going live.

You should study the manual patiently before you go live and start trading. You can trade in bitcoins from anywhere in the world trough your PC or mobile devices.

Bitcoin Up works with almost all major browsers. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac devices.


Before you can go live you have to finish a few simple steps and registration is one of those steps. For registration you need to submit an identity and address proof such as the passport or a government issued identity card. Then, depending on your location, you are matched with a broker who is a legal entity and whose credentials verified by the relevant government agency. Both you and your broker are subject to regulations of your country. After you have submitted the documents, the verification process begins.

The next step is making the deposit. But remember that you will be able to withdraw money from Bitcoin Up only when your verification process is complete. 

Making deposit

You can fund your Bitcoin Up account with as little as $250. This money is credited on your broker’s page. You should not worry about the safety of your funds as the broker is subject to the regulations of his country. The brokers are under strict regulation as far as deposit protection is considered. You can make the deposit through credit and debit cards, e wallets, wire transfer, crypto wallets, Skrill, and many more. 

Demo trading

While you may feel confident that you don’t need a demo of how Bitcoin Up works for you, you are advised to go for this. Here, you are given token money to bet and real life market environment. After you have given your instructions about the risk brackets, the robot will do the trading on the demo market. Everything is absolutely same except the fact that it’s a demo where the price movement is a historical data and the money you are trading with is token money. After you have done enough of trading and gained full confidence, you can switch over to real market and real trading.

Live trading

After you have finished the demo, going live is absolutely simple and easy. You need to outline the risk and start trading. After this point you don’t to be doing anything. Everything is done by the robot. It includes identifying the most profitable deals and securing them with transactions.


After you end the trading session, all the money and profit shows up in your Bitcoin Up account. For withdrawal you can make a request from the Bitcoin Up website, and the request is processed within 24 hours.


  • Fully automated
  • 25×7 customer care
  • Easy to make deposit
  • Does currency pairing
  • Makes smart analysis
  • Buys & sells currency
  • Smart and easy payout
  • Hassle-free withdrawal


  • Excessive automation
  • Trading in only bitcoin

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Up is a smart and intelligent trading robot that takes all the pain from cryptocurrency trading. Its intuitive and very easy to operate. Signing up, trading, and withdrawal of money are all very easy and convenient. We find Bitcoin Up is not a scam but a legit entity.